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Effective August 3, 2015, ALL users must access Physician Portal via Citrix. Direct access to physician portal will no longer be supported. Click here for details.

Patient Safety Statistics
Number of Days Since
Last Serious Patient Safety Event
Sacred Heart Health System 28
SHH Pensacola 28
Children's / Women's 160
SHH Emerald Coast 70
SHH Gulf 365
SH Medical Group 378
The Haven N/A
SH Medical Oncology Group N/A

*EPF Change as of Sep 9th*
If you use a non-hospital or personal computer to access EPF via Physician’s Portal or EPF WebStation, you may receive errors
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Attention: If you need to have a dropped call traced, call 416-7000.

Please Review: CMS changes for Inpatient Admission Criteria

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Call the IS Support Center at
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Need a Login?
  • If you are a credentialed physician contact Medical Staff Services.
  • If you are a Sacred Heart Health System associate complete an eForm request.
  • If you are neither of the above,Click here to print request form. Then email completed form to or fax (850) 475-4611.

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